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Go Bitter On Diet And Better On Health

It is a well-known fact that Western diets are severely lacking in the bitter taste. In the East, this would suggest a lack of balance in such a diet. A disbalance in the diet can lead to a disbalance in the body, with the result being a disease. The best healthy bitter foods come in plant form. Bitter tasting plants get their bitterness from certain types of phytochemicals, which are known to be beneficial for overall health. The food industries have removed many of these chemicals from a lot of their products to increase their appeal to consumers. Genetic modification and selective breeding have resulted in a limited amount of bitter tasting plants on the market which was not the case in recent history.

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9 Ways to Ease Menstrual Pain

After writing about causes and risk factors of menstrual pain , I promised to give ways to ameliorate or stop this monthly pains. These are ways to ease, or stop menstrual pain. These ways are;


This is a cheap way to ease menstrual.pain. it just requires applying heat on the abdominal part of the body where the pain is felt. The heat helps relax the uterine muscle and reduces the pain drastically. It can be executed by
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Why You Have Menstrual Pain?

Have you ever asked yourself what causes menstrual pain you experience monthly depriving you of smooth lively hood and inflicting unpleasing pains on your gentle soul?

Menstrual pain (dysmenorrhea) could be primary or secondary. Primary dysmenorrhea occurs to ladies 20 years and below and has no pathological signs while secondary dysmenorrhea occurs due to identifiable medical problems,

menstrual pain

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Pros and Cons of High Protein Diet

Ranging from repair of cells, healing of wound, promotion of growth, protein is a vital food class humans need in their diet. High protein diet is ingesting protein above its moderate level, some go for high-protein diet intentionally or accidentally ignorance of the pros and cons of taking this diet. This instigated the development of this article to enlighten them about the advantages and disadvantages of high-protein diet.
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CLEAN 9-Lose Body Fat Easily

Overweight and obesity are major problems facing people in the society, which, could be associated to the lifestyle and genetic make-up of individuals. Fat gain is easier than fat loss that is why it is very challenging burning off fats accumulated in the body within a short period. This has prompted some victim to undergo vigorous exercises hoping to get back in shape while some others go for medications to fast track the fat loss procedure.
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5 Best Exercises for Back Pain

How often do we take for granted the gift of movement? Most of us it’s often if not always. When the chance to move is denied, that is when we realize how important it was. Back pain is a known movement limiter. Some things cause it. Some illnesses such as arthritis can cause back pain. Also the activities a person is involved in everyday, if strenuous, can lead to suffering from back pain. For example, if you are involved in carrying heavy things in your line of work, you are at risk of suffering from back pain at least once in your life.
A long time ago time ago, medication for back pain was rest. The doctor would simply give you some medication (mostly painkillers), and then advise you to take lots of rest and avoid straining your back in any way. The case has since changed. According to research, inactivity only worsens the condition. It may lead to immobility and prolong the pain. Unless you are experiencing severe pain, continuing with your normal day to day activities is highly recommended. Also, there are some exercises that can help you ease the pain. They include:

Leg Raises:

This exercise involves lying on your back with one leg straight. The other leg’s knee should be bent. To stabilize the low back, ensure you tighten the abdominal muscles. Then, slowly lift the straight leg to a height of about twelve inches (not lower than 6 inches). Hold the leg in the air for about five seconds then slowly back to the start position. Repeat the process for about ten times and ensure to alternate the legs.

Hamstring Stretch:

It involves lying on your back with both knees bent. Then, you are required to hold one thigh at the back of the knee.  Slowly straighten the knee to the point where you can be able to feel a stretch in the back of the thigh. Hold on for about twenty seconds then release slowly. Repeat the process for five times on each side.

Ball Exercises:

There are many exercises that can be done using the training ball. They include sitting on it, standing and having the ball in between your back and the wall, lying on the ball, and lying on the floor with your calves on the ball. For example, the one for standing involves having the ball between the low back and the wall. Then, you are required to bend the knees slowly for a range of between 45 and 90 degrees. Hold for about five seconds and then straighten the knees. Repeat the same process, but now raising both arms overhead. Care should be taken while performing these exercises not to arch the low back.

Abdominal Exercise:

You are required to lie on you back with both knees bent. Ensure you hands are resting below the ribs. Without holding your breath, tighten abdominal muscles to squeeze ribs down toward the back. Hold the position for about five seconds then release. Relax for a while then repeat the same process ten times.

Heel Raises:

It is pretty much the simplest exercise. It involves a few steps that are easy to perform. Simply, you are required to stand, with your weight evenly distributed between the two feet. Slowly raise the heels up and down. Repeat the process ten times.

Joint Pain Information:

For you to move, you require joints. These are the connections between your bones. If they are damaged, they affect your movement and also cause a lot of pain. Joint pain can be caused by a lot of things including arthritis, strains, sprains, bursitis, gout and other injuries. Joint pain can affect any part of your body. The common parts joint pain can occur in are knee, shoulder, hip and ankle.
According to research, joint pain affects all people but the risk increases with age. Lifestyle fitness is essential to prevent the pain from occurring. Living a sedentary lifestyle will put you at a higher risk especially if you don’t exercise regularly. Also, eating a healthy diet will help curb the risk. Foods high in protein should be taken (control should be taken not to take in excess) as they are essential to building muscles and strengthen bones.

Back pain requires one to stay active despite the pain. Activities such as taking the dog for a walk, doing some gardening or walking to the store rather than taking the car can help you greatly in easing the pain. Apart from the above exercises, you may also try practicing yoga. Studies have shown that yoga helps in reducing pain but ensure to perform the various postures with the help of a yoga teacher.  Meditation is also an awesome alternative.

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Author BIO:
Addie Davison, is a freelance writer from Newark, New Jersey, USA.As she is very health conscious so she loves to write about health, fitness. She is very hard-working and responsible. Her articles are very detail oriented and unique. Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest.

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Tips on Living with a Cancer Diagnosis

Advances in cancer treatment are helping people to live longer with and after cancer. This means that some people are living longer with cancer and a lucky few are reaching long-term remission.

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Many of the leading doctors in the cancer industry now view some types of cancer as a curable disease, while other cancers are viewed as a chronic illness if they are caught early enough for effective treatment.  

Living healthy while coping with cancer will improve your quality of life and may reduce symptoms or improve your life expectancy . Placing a focus on maintaining well-being and enhancing quality of life will help people with cancer live well despite the ongoing challenges. 

Eat Well

One of the most effective ways to improve your overall health is eating a balanced diet. The saying, “You are what you eat,” couldn’t ring truer to people with cancer, because they quickly learn how diet can affect their mood and physical health.
For example, people undergoing chemotherapy will notice they can’t digest greasy, fatty or sugary foods as easily as they used to. The stomach lining can become irritated by chemotherapy drugs, causing patients to feel like they can’t eat the same foods as before without noticeable side effects.  
Eat a diet rich in vegetables, fruits and whole grains. Consuming fresh, whole foods instead of foods that are highly processed will help you get quality nutrients. Be sure to eat plenty of protein to help the body repair and recover from treatment.  

Keep Moving

Movement is important to the health of the lymphatic system, which houses the body’s immune system. While the heart pumps blood throughout the body, there is no organ that pumps lymphatic fluid. Movement and deep breathing are the primary ways to keep the lymphatic system flowing.
Gentle movement like walking is ideal for stimulating lymph fluid flow. Certain styles of yoga, such as gentle yoga and yin yoga, are safe for cancer patients and will help lymphatic flow. 

Mental Health Matters

In addition to taking care of your body with diet and gentle exercise, it’s important to take care of your mental health. 
Dr. David Spiegel, a psychiatry and behavioral sciences professor at the Stanford School of Medicine, has worked extensively with breast cancer survivors. Spiegel has found the following mental health principles help patients to deal with the stress of cancer:

  • Face issues, don’t flee from them
  • Alter personal perceptions
  • Cope actively by finding an aspect of the experience that you can do something about
  • Express emotions
  • Social support is important for mental wellbeing 

Living healthy with cancer may take some initial effort and time to adapt to, but patients will notice the benefits from these efforts. Focus on the benefits of healthy living and there you’ll find the motivation to keep up with healthy habits.

Author bio: Michelle Whitmer has been a medical writer and editor for The Mesothelioma Center since 2008. Focused on the benefits of natural and integrative medicine for cancer patients, Michelle is a certified yoga instructor and earned her B.A. in Environmental Studies from Rollins College in Florida. 

Stanford Hospital Health Library. (2012, November 2012). Mastering the stresses of survivorship. Retrieved from

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